Crusader Kings 3 – R

The Royal Court (ROCO) was the first major update for CK3 and it was a real doozie. It bought  features to the game that have never before been seen in the franchise. For the first time ever you will able to fully visualise your royal court complete with, masterpieces of art, foreign dignitaries, intrigues, scandals and grandeur. The result being  a satisfying sense of progression and achievement for the players.


Prior to ROCO we had firmly established the rivalry of two murderous families at the heart of our marketing campaign. In this beat we wanted to lift the level of intrigue to new levels whilst further fuelling the incredible engagement of the ongoing saga amongst the fans.

Through a frozen time moment we are able to explore the web of intrigue between all the players, at first glance it looks as if the two houses are about to make peace but on further inspection the Queen’s cunning plan to take control of both houses is revealed.


Careful planning and meticulous storyboarding were the key to success.