PAYDAY 3 – Logo and Graphic Identity

PAYDAY 3 is the 2023 release and third installment of Starbreeze Studios’ first-person shooter PAYDAY franchise. Set in New York, the game takes place after the ending of Payday 2, featuring the original crew of characters alongside new additions. Brokendoll was chosen by Starbreeze Studios to help with the design of the new logo and accompanying graphic identity.


The key to this project was balancing the values in the existing PAYDAY brand and moving into the future. We explored a wide range of directions originating from keywords such as crime, robbery, New York, heist, guns, attitud and more, and eventually landed on warning signs and the notorious Parental Advisory sticker.

Logo Development

To bring the PAYDAY franchise up to date we started by slimming down the letters of the wordmark and increasing the breathing room between them. Then, inspired by the Parental Advisory warning sticker, we framed the wordmark and inverted the 3. Lastly, to inject the logo with motion, we angled the border between PAYDAY and 3, which became the root of PD3’s graphic toolkit.

Motion Concept

The final stop on our journey was to create a motion graphics framework for the brand. The name for our motion concept, Point Break, is a homage to the iconic 90’s heist movie and it couldn’t have fitted better. Our motion concept complements the high-contrast logo with high-contrast motion: Fast and slow, sudden changes, and a touch of digital glitch.