Planetfall – Invasions

Concept, Storyboards, Script, Trailer

Age of Wonder : Planetfall is a science fiction 4x strategy game from Triumph Studios. We have had the pleasure of working on the Franchise, but our favourite was always going to be the Invasions campaign. Because, Space Lizards….That’s right Frickin Space Lizards people. What’s not to love?

Concept Development

Armed with the game pillars and marking objectives our first task was to create the overall campaign concepts, draft a script and pen some storyboards. Our goal was to balance the fine line between satisfyingly irony and hard core sci-fi awesomeness.

The end result

Hitting the Mark

Our goal is always to make a trailer that just feels right for the game. That means striking the right balance in editing, tone of voice, tempo and visual fidelity. It needs to look great and sound great but it also needs to authentically reflect the aesthetic of the game.

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