Our team – An eclectic bunch

Our team is a multidisciplinary collection of Artists, Producers, Directors, Designers, Animators, Photographers and Editors.

Brett Richards

Chief Creative Officer

”Our goal is quite simple: Create the world’s best creative culture designed to enable awesome creative collaborations with our clients.”

Paul Carlberg

Senior 3d Artist

Bella Gavelin

Game Capture Artist
Fatima Abdalla

Fatima Abdalla

Production Manager

Roi Sabarov

Creative Director

Jonna Lundin

Head of Production

Niklas Gunnarsson

Studio Director

Emelie Söderström

Gameplay Capture/Editor

Fabrice Billet

Senior Editor

Douglas Olin

3d Artist

Arvid Steen

Creative Director
Andreas Johansson

Andreas Johansson



Head of Everything