Opening Cinematic + Motion Identity

Bloodhunt is a Battle Royale set in the Vampire The Masquerade universe. The slick cobblestones and rooftops of modern day Prague provide the backdrop. The team at Sharkmob reached out to Brokendoll to create the abstract opening cinematic and to bring their Blood Flow identity to life in motion.

Concept Development

We set out to weave stunning scenery, cool characters and awesome action together through the blood flow visual expression into a powerful intro that is not only great but also bears repeated viewing. 

Concept Development

We have always found the best possible results come from a seamless combination of live action elements and CG combined in unusual ways. For this production we combined high quality digital assets from the game world with Houdini simulations and a selection of custom filmed live action elements such as dust smoke ink and splashes.

Beyond the Intro

Our goal is always to make a trailer that just feels right for the game. That means striking the right balance in editing, tone of voice, tempo and visual fidelity. It needs to look great and sound great but it also needs to authentically reflect the aesthetic of the game.