Minecraft Live

It’s no secret that we love working with Minecraft, but where did it all start? Minecon Live (now Minecraft Live) was the beginning back in 2019. Over the last 5 years we have done a fair chunk of work that we are super proud of for this most awesome live broadcast. From announcement trailers, to animated intro, live graphics and beyond.

Minecon Live 2019

Minecon Live (aka Minecraft Each aka Minecraft Live) is an amazing event. A true celebration of all things Minecraft. In 2019 our Minecraft live journey began with the creation of the announcement video for 2019 event. We were there at every step of the way from script to delivery.

Let the show begin!

Announcing the show was just the first step though, next stop was the show itself. To capture the incredible scope of the event we put together a globetrotting intro.

The full package

Beyond the announce and the intro we also created a full live graphics package for the show which was by all accounts a great success! 6 Million + views just don’t lie….

Just the beginning!

Building on the success of the show in 2019 Mojang asked us to do it all again in 2020.

Minecraft Live 2020

A name change from Minecon Live to Minecraft Live was the big news for 2020 along with a new format for the live show. So naturally a new direction for the announce was called for.