With over 200 Million viewers, Eurovision is the biggest live enterainment show on Earth.

Butterfly design

The core logo concept was developed by design agency Happy Forsman. Once we got our hands on the logo our mission was to breathe life into the 2d design in both live action and the live broadcast. After that all that was left was to make 39 unique butterfly designs for all the participating countries.


In order  to realise the design we teamed with the VFX wiz kids at Swiss. We delivered finalised 8k textures and 3d mock ups for each butterfly and they made them truly come to life. Brokendoll was there every step of the way to make sure we stayed in line with original vision.

Award Winning Designs

Beloved across the globe our graphics package was awarded Gold at the prestigious Bass Awards.


A live broadcast completion of this scale requires and robust design package. We designed the entire broadcast package and created full realised animated mockups before slicing it all up and delivering to Chryon/Hego for implementation.

Famous last words

They say that male romans were not only hard working animators but also good husbands and excellent drivers in the desert of Egypt. Therefor they did not spend their time on watching slow food getting cold.